Our Approach


Commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

MBC recognizes CSR as a vital part of corporate activity, especially in communities we operate. To this end, we are committed to a cause of social responsibility in accordance with this CSR policy for the sustainable development of society and business:

1. Contribution to Society through our Business

MBC will contribute to the building of a prosperous and vibrant society by providing safe, high-quality mining services through business activities based on its excellent research, technological innovation and unique services.

2. Disclosure of Information and Stakeholder Engagement

MBC will disclose information openly and transparently in order to maintain and develop a trustworthy relationship with stakeholders, and act responsibly towards them through effective communication.

3. Corporate Ethics and Human Rights

MBC will undertake her business based on the principles of fairness and sincerity, act with the utmost respect for human rights and pursue a high sense of corporate ethics in the global business market which encompasses diverse cultures, morals, ethics and legal systems.

4. Environmental Conservation

MBC will strive to minimize environmental pollutions and utilize resources efficiently towards the development of a sustainable society that is in harmony with the environment.

5. Working Environment

MBC will make every effort to create a pleasant and motivating working environment for all her employees and fully support those employees who desire self-fulfillment and self-development through their work.

6.Responsible Partnership with Business Partners

MBC will make every effort to promote fair and sound business practices among our business partners by fostering a common awareness of social responsibility.


Over the years, MBC has supported the Obuasi Municipal and the Adansi North District Assemblies in various capacities and has proven to be a key player in the sponsorship of annual Municipal Best Teacher Awards scheme towards the promotion of quality education.

MBC continues to support the Obuasi Municipal Health Directorate in their annual health programmes and has been a major contributor to the Annual Immunization Program for many years. The company is a leading contributor to the Adansi North District and Obuasi Municipal Assemblies’ Annual Best Farmer Awards. 

Other beneficiaries of MBC’s corporate social responsibility drive over the years are the Association of Northern Chiefs, Obuasi; Ghana Police Service and Ghana Education Service, where each organisation received various sums of Ghana cedis towards various activities they undertook.

 In January 2011, the company employed ten young men who were not gainfully employed from the Anyinam community where the company has been operating for ages.

From January 2011 to date, MBC Limited has contributed and donated generously to various societal groups, churches, charity organisations, orphanages, Municipal and District Assemblies, public organisations and individuals.

Recently, the company donated cash to Shaft FM in Obuasi to support her blood donation exercise; contributed to Otumfuo Charity Foundation and has awarded scholarships to ten selected inmates of Adullam Orphanage in Obuasi who are pursing various programmes of study in some Senior High Schools in the country.

In September 2011, the company funded the building of a conference hall for the Obuasi Divisional Police Command in Tutuka, Obuasi.