Safety & Health

Our Organizational Health & Safety at glance:

  • SAFETY is our FIRST VALUE!!!
  • To guide employees to work in partnership so as to achieve a healthy and safe environment in order to prevent injuries, illness and property damages for system continual improvement
  • Our good company with good Occupational Health and Safety policy and performance.
  • The OHS Policy and guidance is applicable to all levels of employees of MBC.
  • It also binds sub-contractors, other service providers, visitors and interested parties
  • It is OK!

As a company involved in mining and building construction, MBC has a critical concern in taking all possible steps to ensure the health and safety of persons, equipment, environment and all other company property.

MBC has Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policy statement which spells out the overall health and safety strategies and directives. This policy creates a structure of action to achieve her health and safety objectives, goals and other programmes as required by international and national regulations.

MBC is therefore committed to the prevention of injuries, illnesses and damages associated with her activities and to achieve a high level of OHS compliance.

It is the objective of the company to achieve zero injury in our operations and maintain healthy environmental working conditions. Hence, MBC offers free medical care and surveillance for all employees at various sites and also provides healthy meals, provides adequate PPEs and tools to ensure effective performance on the job.

Eliminating workplace injuries is an ongoing challenge as situations change and new hazards are identified but MBC has stood up to the challenge as testified by our excellent safety record.

Safety Performance

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Education on OHS Roles and Responsibilities awareness:

Education drive is always carried out on OHS roles and responsibilities across the entire workforce. Promotion of workers’ health and safety awareness and commitment reflects positively in the work culture.

There is no work that starts without OHS briefing, hazard identification and risk assessment (HIRA).

There is periodic management safety awareness campaign to emphasize importance of good health and safety performance at work.


The continuous training of employees, thorough task analysis and risk based monitoring has had significant and positive influence on the workforce hence growth in workers’ self confidence and job satisfaction.

To be abreast with current trends in OHS, MBC present selected workforce from across all departments and sections for the annual First Aid Competence training and competition to train and certify workers in line with the company’s OHS policy directives.

 As required, emergency response and drills are periodically carried out to equip employees with the requisite knowledge and skill to act appropriately in compliance with the standard procedures.

MBC OHS references:

  1. MBC Ltd Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Manual
  2. OHSAS 18001 Standard Requirement
  3. ILO – OSH 2001 / Labour Act 2003 (Act 651)
  4. Mining Regulation 1970 LI1665 / Engineering Act 1970 LI 665 / Safety LI 665
  5. Factories, Offices and Shops Act 1970 Act 328,
  6. National Fire and Rescue Act
  7. Road Traffic Act 2004 ( Act 683)
  8. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)