Our Environmental Commitment at glance:

  • Our commitment to environmental sustainability defines who we are and how we do our business.
  • Among our core values is to promote, protect and enhance public health and the environment.

Our Environmental Commitment

We respect the environment!

We will not pollute the environment!

We will protect the environment!

We will help others to work in an environmentally sound manner!

Our environment, our heritage!

MBC is committed to conducting all its mining, engineering and construction activities in an environmentally responsible manner and uphold all environmental policies of Government of Ghana, Corporate Environmental Policies, applicable international laws, regulations, standards, codes of practice and guidelines.

MBC carries all operations within the policy framework of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and ISO14001 standards.

Due to MBC’s commitment to environmental sustainability, employees’ welfare and Obuasi Municipality development, MBC has developed an Environmental Management System (EMS). This is designed to ensure that all environmental management considerations such as monitoring, maintenance, and training are incorporated within the mining and building operations. Effective measures are implemented to mitigate pollutions, emissions into the environment and waste reduction by complying with ISO14001 standards for optimal and sustainable development.

Management of the environment and monitoring of the EMS is assessed periodically by internal and external (independent) auditors. This promotes the identification of areas of strength and weaknesses and appropriate action plans implemented to ensure continual improvement.